Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Space Jelly with Caviar

I love my wildlife, sometimes even more when I don’t know what it is. On New Year’s Day, walking across a low lying field in the Vale of Ffestiniog, I came across what has been described by others as space jelly but this blob had something like caviar in it. Could someone please confirm whether this is an aspect of Welsh wildlife? If yes, I could paint it and submit it as an obscure entry into the Natur Cymru wildlife art competition. If you could go a step further and tell me what it is, I’d be even more grateful.

Well, a couple of days later and I've had some interesting comments including this photo by Mandy Marsh which she took at Orielton in April. She was told: 'raptors squeeze out the spawn from frogs and toads before they eat them as they don't like the taste.'

But that looks a lot different from my caviar in January!

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