Thursday, January 3, 2013

Green buttons at Waitrose

Waitrose Menai Bridge puts up £1,000 a month for good causes which this January includes the Snowdonia Society. Just pick up a green button at the checkout and pop it into the middle column. At the end of the month the money will be divided between the three selected good causes which also include CPRW (Campaign for Rural Wales) and a local Beavers group (which is nothing to do with mammal reintroductions).

They do this at other Waitrose stores around the UK which are a scarce commodity in north Wales; the nearest ones to Menai Bridge are across the border in Cheadle and Sandbach.

Apart from being a good cause it’s a great store so if you’re passing please call in and vote. As I have just started working for the Snowdonia Society I am of course biased! 

Level pegging at the start of day 3

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