Sunday, November 4, 2012

Welsh Dragons

What did you do this weekend?  Well, I went to a symposium on reptiles and amphibians held in Llandrindod Wells. Of the 102 delegates I was probably the only one who did not already know that grass snakes (and sand lizards) lay eggs whereas adders (and other lizards) have live births.  I also didn’t appreciate that slow worms live for up to 15 years and that females only give birth every other year. No doubt these titbits will stand me in good stead for University Challenge or Trivial Pursuits.

Happy subscribers
The symposium was pulled together by Mark Barber who is going to create much greater awareness about Welsh dragons i.e. our amphibians and reptiles. The various species don’t have the same glitzy glamour as birds or dolphins nor the stringent legal protection we afford to bats or badgers but by this time next year we should all know a lot more. Watch out for their advert in the spring edition of Natur Cymru.

Across the UK there are 60 ARGs (Amphibian and Reptile Groups) of which 6 are in Wales. Details of the various groups can be found here.
It was great to meet so much enthusiasm and even more pleasing to me that 10 delegates signed up to become subscribers to Natur Cymru! Welcome to the club.

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