Sunday, August 5, 2012

Asulox and bracken control

Asulox, a chemical that has been used for bracken spraying for forty years, will no longer be allowed after December 2012 and no replacement product is likely until 2016. The decision was made in Brussels but do the UK government and the various conservation bodies agree with it? Without Asulox, and the use of aerial spraying, it is expected that large areas of the Welsh uplands will be lost to bracken at the rate of about 1,000 hectares a year. 

A couple of weeks ago I saw a helicopter spraying and my gut reaction was surely this must be bad for wildlife? But having looked into it, I’m not so sure. I have been told that it is highly specific to bracken (and other ferns) causing no damage to insects. It has also been used by organisations such as RSPB and The National Trust.

I am researching an article on the use of Asulox and if anyone has any views or opinions they would like to share, please contact me by commenting on this blogpost or by email to


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